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"I highly recommend that any organization that is looking for a fundraiser consider the Harlem Ambassadors because they are not only entertaining,...>>MORE
Stephanie Mercer, McAlester Lions Club, McAlester, Oklahoma
Do You Want to Be a Harlem Ambassador?

      for the Harlem Ambassadors Basketball Show
* Career opportunity / Season-long contracts
* Tour the USA and international destinations
* Be a positive role model
* Use your skills to entertain and uplift people everywhere!

All Performers in Harlem Ambassadors' Show must:

  1. Have college degree (associate or bachelor's)
  2. Be drug free and agree to random drug testing
  3. Be positive in appearance, attitude, and action
  4. Have minimal family obligations; tours are 3-5 months in length
  5. Maintain a professional work ethic and commitment to learning the show basketball craft

We are not seeking basketball players with unrealistic NBA or overseas "hoop dreams."

Various Talents sought to contribute to our Show include:

  • High-flying dunk contest winners
  • Trick shot artists
  • Ball handlers with flashy skills and handles
  • Natural performers with stage or entertainment experience
  • Anyone with a unique talent to share

TO APPLY: Complete the PERFORMER QUESTIONNAIRE and fax it to 224-880-5271 or email it to recruiting@harlemambassadors.com

  • Fan Poll
    What do you like best about the Ambassadors?
    All the Ambassadors are drug-free
    The interaction with kids
    All the Ambassadors have a college degree
    A woman leads the show