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"I highly recommend that any organization that is looking for a fundraiser consider the Harlem Ambassadors because they are not only entertaining,...>>MORE
Stephanie Mercer, McAlester Lions Club, McAlester, Oklahoma
"The standing-room-only crowd not only saw some of the greatest basketball in America, they also were witness to some of the funniest comedy...>>MORE
Bob Salmon, The Herald Chronicle, Winchester, Tennessee
Brittany Dorsey
Height: 5' 9''
College: Providence College
Major/Degree: Sociology, Social Science, Black Studies Minor
Hometown: Detroit, MI
Sports Awards or Achievements:
  • 2010-Helped lead Providence College to WNIT Elite 8 appearance.

Hero or role model: My father, he supported me in every aspect.  He demonstrates loyalty, integrity and selflessness for his loved ones.
On overcoming obstacles and challenges: My first year out of college I tore my ACL. I returned 100% and seemingly played better after my surgery.
The biggest factor that has made me who I am today: My commitment to maintaining good grades and staying busy by working, playing sports, and playing music enforced discipline.
The best advice given to me: My parents advised me to remain positive and respect others in order to receive blessings. Optimism over pessimism.
Favorite activities (besides basketball): Bowling, saxophone and listening to music.
Advice for younger people:
Be an individual, never follow and have your own likes and ideas. There is only one you.
I am passionate about: I am passionate about changing the lives of young people.
Most people don't know that: I can sing well.
Favorite quote and verse: "Excuses are tools of the incompetent, which leads to monuments of nothingness."
Favorite foods: Lasagna and spaghetti.
Favorite dessert: Red Velvet Cake.
Favorite sports drink:
Pink lemonade Powerade.

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