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"The event was greatly received by our community and the show itself exceeded all of our expectations. We estimated around 2,900 people attended...>>MORE
Travis Stephens, Young Emerging Leaders, Fort Smith, Arkansas
"One of the most professional organizations in the entertainment industry."
Debra Howze, Naval Support Activity Mid-South, Millington, Tennessee
Ryne Thorson
College: Western Illinois University
Major/Degree: Broadcast performance
Hometown: Chatham, IL
Awards: 2012 WIU Color Commentator of the Year
Hero or role model:
Patrice O'Neal. He is the funniest person who ever lived. Patrice O'Neal was able to create a stand-up comedy career by being himself and never changing who he was.

On overcoming obstacles and challenges: Growing up, I had a lot of social problems. I feared talking to my fellow students and I suffered panic attacks talking in front of people.
The biggest factor that has made me who I am today: While working for a sports radio station in St. Louis, I performed at a comedy open mic and decided to begin pursuing comedy as a career.
The best advice given to me: Believe in yourself because if you don't, why should anyone else? The biggest obstacle to your success is your own self doubt.
Favorite activities (besides basketball): Writing and performing stand-up comedy.
Advice for younger people:
Don't settle for average. Everyone is created equal, but only the ones who work hard will become successful.
What I've learned from being part of a team: Don't find someone to blame; find a solution.
Most people don't know that: I am obsessed with space exploration and a complete history nerd. While enrolled at Western Illinois I "accidentally" earned a history degree because I enrolled in so many classes. Oops.
Favorite quote and verse: "When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you'll be successful." Eric Thomas
Favorite food: Pizza
Favorite dessert: Chocolate milk
Favorite sports drink:
Cucumber-lime Gatorade

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